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Boho Ring Wreaths

8 inch moon table_edited.jpg


8" Moon

Assorted dried wild flowers, bleached eucalyptus

8 inch round table_edited.png


8" Round

Light brown pampas grass, lilac bunny tails

8 inch triangle table_edited.jpg


8" Triangle

Light brown pampas grass, white pampas grass, pink bunny tails, bleached eucalyptus

8 inch square table_edited.jpg


8" Square

White pampas grass, preserved eucalyptus, bleached eucalyptus, billy balls, dried grass

14 inch round table_edited.jpg


14" Round

Assorted colors pampas grass (white, light brown, purple), wheat grasses, preserved eucalyptus, yellow billy balls

Grapevine Wreaths

Grapevine 1_edited.jpg


10"or 14"Round

Light pink baby's breath, assorted preserved greens, daisy, light red/pink zinnia

Grapevine 2_edited.jpg


10" or 14" Round

White pampas grass, burgundy iris, light pink gerbera, bleached sunflower assorted bleached leaves

Grapevine 3_edited.jpg


10" or 14" Round

Red chrysanthemum, daisy, white pampas, preserved greens, pink tea rose, orange poppy

Grapevine 4.png


10" or 14" Round

Giant sun mum, white pampas, yellow marigolds

Grapevine 5_edited.jpg


10" or 14" Round

Assorted preserved greens, orange gerbera

Grapevine 6_edited.jpg

10" or 14" Round

Assorted preserved greens, white daisy, yellow chrysanthemum

Grapevine 7_edited.jpg


White daisy, white pampas grass, light pink baby's breath, burgundy strawflower

 Boho Ring Wreaths

  • Choose a Boho Ring 1-5

  • Moon, Small Circle, Triangle, Square, Large Circle

  • 1-4 are available in 8"$40

  • 5 is available in 14"$55

Grapevine Wreaths​​

  • Choose a grapevine wreath 1-7

  • 2 sizes available

  • 10" $45

  • 14" $60

All wreaths contain natural and artificial elements.

​Wreath design changes seasonally based on available florals. We try and

match the flower as closely as possible (but always the color).

If special florals are needed - let us know below.

Price of wreath will have 6.625% sales tax + 15% service fee.

Wreath Order Form

Wreath type
Choose your wreath size:
Shipping FedEx (includes packaging)
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