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The Boss Lady

Patty wears many hats as the CEO, but she's also a toddler wrangler, military spouse, educator, and an awesome "super cookie" baker! Her dream was to bring everything she loves to do right to your table-virtually or in person.  Whether you need to enhance a corporate event, school fundraiser, or create a custom gift, her team can make it happen.  Don't forget to ask Patty about customized catering and charcuterie boards.


Visionary Ninja

Charlie IS the mood. Our brother like no other!  He's our Creative Director, he sets our tables, designs our kits, picks our colors, and makes us laugh with his sarcasm and witty banter.  There might be a few unicorns hiding under his desk too.  If there is a new trend out there, he's on it and we're adding it to our menu.  Charlie is the plate to our table.


Culinarian de Lean Cuisine 

Meet our knife skills aficionado, our mixology extraordinaire! James brings that "Top Chef" vibe to our table and he will do the same to yours.  He's our in-person connoisseur, and will hold exclusive classes at your home, office, or chosen location with friends, colleagues, or family.  Plan your next wine and cheese tasting, or an unforgettable four-course meal with Chef James. 



Chairman of the Board

While most would consider this a critical role within an organization, we don't actually have any board members.  But don't tell Marty.  We like to let him think he's in-charge. His other roles include patriarch, moral supporter, and best grandpa ever!


Lead Taste Tester

No one loves snacks more than Dominic!  If you have one, he wants it.  His interests include trash trucks, sports cars, dinosaurs, airplanes, and running really fast!  He's the baby of the family and we value his opinion all on toy-related matters.


Director of Ethical Hacking

Rob is the man behind the site, he prefers to stay hidden in the shadows.  In fact, we haven't been able to find him lately.  If you happen to come across him, let him know we think the site looks Ahhhmazing!

Family Owned & Operated

new hair-old bag 8-2019.jpg


President of Revenue

Our resident bean counter, David has never met a spreadsheet he didn't like!  He's responsible for keeping our costs low and our products impeccable.  When he's not mastering Excel, you can find him running numbers for no reason at all, tinkering in the garage, or flying the friendly skies.



Marcelle has a knack for finding the best goods for our kits! Her talents include sourcing local vendors, choosing the prettiest tissue paper, and sometimes tasting the best sweets that get delivered to your door.  If you're missing a truffle every now and again, now you know why! 

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