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Image by Anto Meneghini


Petite Graze Table

Great for small grazes of less than 10 people. 

Grand Grazing Table

Perfect for a 50-60 person graze or as an appetizer for 70+ people. We design on site, cover your table with butcher paper, and decorate with flowers and fresh herbs.  We can work with any large table.


BOARDS(minimum order of 4 people):

Grazing Boards 

Sizes range from extra small (4 people) to large (up to 30 people).

Boards start at $17 per person and Graze Tables begin at $25, with premium meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, vegetables, sweets, crackers, dips, and breads. 

*All tables and boards can be adjusted based on headcount and budget. Added fee to keep charcuterie board, fee based on size.  All food is subject to 6.625% sales tax and 15% service fee.

Contact us for more information on pricing:

On Site Catering
*local events only

The Plate & Table is happy to provide graze tables and charcuterie boards as onsite catering for your event. These beautiful presentations of edible art are perfect for small and large gatherings. Our delicious tables and boards can be the main food event or presented as an appetizer before the main course.  Both are highly customizable with assorted meats and cheeses, crackers, breads, assorted fruits and vegetables, chocolates and sweets, dried fruits & nuts, assorted olives and marinated vegetables, and can be created to suit everyone's palates. 

The graze table can be the primary food option for large or small parties.  Charcuterie boards a great addition for smaller parties when other food options are available. Both are perfect for cocktail parties, open houses, graduations, bridal showers, and company events.

Need a themed board or graze table? Don't forget to ask about our:

Brunch Boards

Candy Graze

High Tea Board or Graze Table

Just Dessert

Orders should be placed at least 1 week in advance for our charcuterie boards and at least 3 weeks in advance for our grazing tables. Contact us for more information:

Image by American Heritage Chocolate
Image by Anto Meneghini
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